Information is the UK’s number one road cycling website. More UK road cyclists visit than any other UK road cycling site, and the trade like it too. They have voted the best cycling website in four of the last five years. If you want to reach UK road cyclists, there really is nowhere better.

With an audience of over a million road cyclists, is the place to reach commuters, racers, urban cyclists, women, sportive riders, distance/touring riders, cyclocrossers, family and leisure cyclists, or all of them. We can target your ad to exactly the type of cyclist you want to reach.

The numbers

Source: Google Analytics, January 2015

1.1 million

Monthly Unique Visitors

4.5 million

Monthly Page Views


Facebook Likes


Twitter Followers

Why Digital?

Because it's effective, tangible and it works!

If you only use magazines, which reach about 50,000 cyclists in the UK, what plans do you have to reach the millions of cyclists who don't buy print but who do use the internet? Over a million cyclists use every month – let us show you how to reach them.

Digital Ads Explained

Every time you open a page of a website on your computer, tablet or phone, that’s counted as a page impression. users currently read around five million pages of our content a month, so that’s five million page impressions. The more page impressions you buy the more times your advert will be delivered to readers.

In a magazine the ads all have a fixed position on a particular page. But every time a page is served on our ad system delivers different adverts on it, so the ads one reader sees on a particular page will not be the same as those seen by another reader. Those ads may well be tailored to the reader’s location, the time of day or day of the week they are viewing the page, and most crucially what type of cyclist they are; our ads are served through nine channels each aimed at a particular type of cyclist.

The moment your ad campaign starts our system calculates how many pages your advert needs to appear on to ensure an even delivery over the agreed time period, whether you order 50 or 500,000 ads. You can also choose to concentrate your ads around a particular time of the day, or day of the week, or both.


You can select:

  • Who sees your ads. We have nine channels, each for a different type of cyclist: commuter, sportive, racer, urban, leisure, cyclo-cross, endurance/touring, family, and women.
  • When your ads are seen. Choose the time, day and date or weeks your ads are delivered.
  • Where your ads are see. We can geo-target towns, cities, or whole countries.

Digital media offers a more targeted service than print. With print media an ad is printed in a magazine and may or may not be seen by its target reader. Print media tend to be read by the same people every issue. Digital media is constantly evolving and attracts regular as well as new users all the time. has over a million unique visitors a month — and growing — so the potential to reach new people is always there. This means no wastage and a more effective use of your budget.

Common Myths

No-one notices online ads. People used to say the same about TV advertising. Advertising revenue is the sole or main form of revenue for the vast majority of online media outlets. If advertising on websites didn’t work they would long since have ceased to exist. Not only does online advertising work, but it offers the most tangible proof of its results of any media platform. Check out our testimonials below, proof that advertising on works for companies like yours.

Print ads are more tangible. If you mean that they appear on paper and you can hold them, then yes. But they're only tangible if someone reads them. Magazines print more copies than they sell. So some of your ads won't get seen at all, there’s also the uncomfortable fact that just because someone buys a magazine it doesn’t mean they read every page. Ads online only get delivered on a page that is being read and that page is only displayed when someone wants to read it. That means maximum efficiency and no wastage.

My dealer/brand owner likes print ads. The people who buy their products prefer digital: the numbers don’t lie on that. And even if your dealer/brand owner likes print that doesn’t mean they don’t like digital too. Currently 1,700 (and rising) retailers and brand owners receive Inside Track, our trade newsletter keeping them up to date with digital developments and the campaigns running on

We produce a report for every campaign with the advert and all its associated statistics for you to show key stakeholders. Our reports can be viewed on a laptop /desktop computer, a tablet, or simply be printed out. Finally, it’s worth noting that the UK is Europe’s most mature digital marketplace and UK cyclists are among some of the most digitally aware consumers on the planet. Just because a print strategy still works effectively in Germany, Italy or France does not guarantee it will deliver here.

Jargon Buster

If digital advertising sounds complicated or you need a little help understanding how it works better, we're here to help.

Above the fold: Any position visible without the user having to scroll down the page.

CPM (Cost per mille): Cost per thousand page impressions, a page impression being a page a user views.

CTR (Click through rate): Amount of clicks per campaign as a percentage of the delivered page impressions.

Leaderboard: The ruler shaped ad that runs along the top of the page.

MPU (Mid Page Unit): The credit card shaped ad on the right-hand side as you look at the page.

If you have any further questions or would like any more information just ask Simon or Elaine on +44 (0)1225 588855. users

At the end of 2014 we surveyed our users and 2,193 responded.

Two Thirds

of users fall into the 24-44 age bracket.

Over half

of our readers read for the tech and news content.


of users are male.


shop online and 75% visit their local bike stores.

One Third

of users like to ride with their families.

Commuting and Sportives

65% of our users commute and 55% take part in sportives.

8 Benefits of Advertising on

  • Online is the first place people now research any cycling purchase and they keep on using online right up to the point of purchase, whether that purchase is online or in a bricks and mortar shop. If you want to be part of the buying journey you have to be online.
  • No wastage – ads only appear when someone reads a page.
  • Response you can measure and share with colleagues, suppliers, dealers.
  • Your ad can appear as often as you want, when you want.
  • You can target specific locations, so if your dealer network for a product is concentrated in a particular city, town or region you can target your ads there.
  • You can target specific sectors - urban, commuters, racers, women, sportive riders, distance/touring cyclists, cyclocrossers, family or leisure cyclists - so you can reach the cyclists you want to reach.
  • With an audience over a million, you can constantly reach new people.
  • You can change your creative, your format or your message at any time to suit your needs during a campaign on You are not restricted by print deadlines.


Don't just take our word for it.

John Elliss

JE James

“Overall we are extremely happy with and are seeing some great gains, month on month. With good click rates on MPU adverts and on our weekly deals, we look forward to growing with in the coming months."

George Bowie

2Pure Ltd

" has again proven itself to be the key UK road cycling medium for promoting our brands to consumers and dealers. These kinds of results have encouraged us to reflect on our ad budgets and there is no doubt the allocation for 2015 will be heading in an upwardly direction."

Andrew Griffin


" has been a key element in the recent growth of Bianchi bikes in the UK. Unbiased reviews and egalitarian outlook help give credence to the site as an independent voice and it will continue to be an important focus for Bianchi."

James Hamilton

Media Drive

“ have regularly featured in our client media plans in 2014, and we look forward to expanding on this relationship in 2015. Aside from the obvious audience and content benefits, the team are attentive, professional, reactive and super quick with traffic requests, which is all needed when managing digital media campaigns for mainstream bike brands.”

James Smith

Primal Europe

“The guys and gals at have been fully supportive partners to our young company, offering advice and guidance through every campaign we have run with them. I can thoroughly recommend their services professional and
friendly at all times.”

Our Service Commitment to you

  • We are committed to increasing your understanding of how digital advertising works.
  • We will explain precisely what you are getting for your money.
  • We will send you a monthly report that will show exactly how many page impressions we have delivered for you, how many clicks there have been to your website and what the Click Through Rate has been.
  • We can produce your report as a pdf so you can give it to your customers, sales people, dealers, brand stakeholders - either on paper or digitally - to show the effective marketing support you are giving them.

As well as regular conversations and emails, you will receive our fortnightly Inside Track newsletter. This goes out to all our clients, and also to over 1700 key brand owners, distributors and retailers. Inside Track’s aim is to keep you informed on key topics in the digital arena, the top areas of buying interest for our readership and any other interesting statistics/news that we can share with you. This ensures you are up to date with what the active cyclists who use are actively looking for and researching to buy - not a couple of months ago, but right now.


Rate card valid from 1st March 2015. For 3 months or longer please call Simon or Elaine on +44 (0)1225 588855.


Run of site with standard formats: Leaderboard, MPU, Sidebar buttons, Tenancy buttons, and Roadblock advertising. The newsletter currently has 40,000 registered users, we send it out twice a week and it has an impressive 22% open rate.

Ad position Size (Width x Height in pixels) Where? CPM
Leaderboard 728 x 90 In the header of the site £12.50
MPU 300 x 250 Two positions in the right hand column £13.50
Roadblock 728 x 90, 300 x 250 MPU and Leaderboard simultaneously,
limited to 5 X 12 hour campaigns in one month
Sidebar button 120 x 240 In the central column on content pages £8
Tenancy button 300 x 100 In two positions in the right hand column £10.25
Newsletter Large 170 x 500 Right hand column of the newsletter £495 per issue
Newsletter Small 170 x 250 Right hand column of the newsletter £295 per issue


For increased targeting of user type, time, location and frequency.

Feature Description Cost
User capping Capping the amount of times any one user sees an advert in a given time frame +£1 per cap
User channels Targeting campaigns to be shown on specific content types, these include: Commuter, Cyclocross, Distance, Family, Leisure, Women, Urban, Sportive, Racer +£1 per channel
Geo-targeting Targeting campaigns at specific cities/regions/countries +50p per target
Date/Time Setting campaigns to appear at specific times of the day and/or days of the week +£1 per date/time


Run of site through super formats: Super Leaderboard, Double MPU, Super Road blocks.

Ad position Size (Width x Height in pixels) Where? CPM
Super Leaderboard 970 x 250 Large horizontal banner in the header of the website £14.50
Double MPU 300 x 600 Large banner in the top postion of the right hand column £15.50
Super Roadblock 970 x 250, 300 x 600 Super Leaderboard and Double MPU simultaneously, limited to 5 X 12 hour campaigns in one month £24.50