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Here at, we aim to be the UK's number one buying advice resource for anyone who wants to ride their bike in dirt, whether that's gravel riding, enduro racing, disappearing into the wilderness on a bikepacking adventure or simply messing around at their local woods or trail centre.

As mountain bikes continue to evolve in numerous different directions, getting lighter, stronger and faster than ever before, they’re offering more fun and excitement to riders of every level. The huge boom in electric mountain biking also means even more riders than ever can access the sport and explore trails all over the country.

Gravel bikes continue to expand their fan base due to their versatile nature, with the poor conditions of our roads inspiring more drop-bar riders to leave the tarmac and explore. Since our launch we have seen a lot of changes and there are many more to come.

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Perfectly positioned is in an excellent position to continue to capitalise on all of this thanks to a focus on the realistically priced end of the market, though we don't leave out dream machines and cutting edge tech. Our mix of buying advice, from ‘best of’ roundups to in-depth buyer’s guides, is designed to help any rider from novice to expert get the right kit. It’s not just a focus on equipment as we also offer plenty of riding inspiration to get out on a new adventure, whether that be a multi-day bikepacking trip or discovering new trails.


"Working with offroad and team has been a really successful partnership for us as a young company. Their friendly consultative approach, either in person or at the end of a phone, has worked well for us and has allowed us to increase our commitment with them which continues to provide great results."

Luke Humphreys,
Pacenti Cycle Design
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“Over the past 5 years, F-At’s media platforms have been a key part of our marketing strategy for Ortlieb in the UK. A big part of the appeal of working with the team there is how they will always put together carefully curated packages to ensure optimal reach tailored to the brand in question.”

Nils Amelinckx,
Lyon Equipment
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“In an ever-changing media landscape, the team at Farrelly-Atkinson have always remained steadfast in their dedication to relevant news, real-world testing, and innovative features. It is this unwavering approach to quality that has allowed them to cultivate a dedicated and engaged audience, making them an essential component of our digital strategy every time"

Tom Catton,
Upgrade Bikes
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Editorial A-Team

The editorial team is headed up by Jessica Strange with Liam Mercer, Jim Clarkson and Matt Page on staff, plus some of the most highly respected riders, writers and testers in the Industry with a proven track record working on a wide range of UK and International media.

Jessica Strange
Jessica Strange - Editor

Residing in the valleys of South Wales, Jessica Strange is our editor at You'll probably find her on either a mountain or gravel bike in the Afan Valley Forest, either riding or guiding visitors around the trails. As a qualified bike mechanic, if Jessica isn't riding her bike, you can bet she's tinkering with one! When not fettling with bikes or blowing her legs out on the trails, self-proclaimed tea-addict Jessica is a colossal sci-fi fanatic.

Liam Mercer
Liam Mercer - Staff Writer

Resident Staff Writer here at Liam can also be found photographing bikes as well as riding them. He's not shy of an enduro here or there and he's equally happy in the winter slop as he is ripping up the summer's dust.

Pat Joscelyne
Patrick Joscelyne – Publisher

Pat has been messing around with bikes his whole life. After doing the standard stint in the local bike shop aged 16, he landed his first proper job with Kona back in the 90’s for the first of many stints in the Industry. Gravel from the door, trail centre with the family or the French Alps please.

Jim Clarkson
Jim Clarkson - Contributor

Lakes based Jim is mostly into mountain biking, with the odd foray into gravel, CX (and even road ssh). Fuelled by coffee and porridge his happy place is being out the door and in the hills be that locally or further afield it doesn’t matter. Known to tie on the occasional race board.

Matt Page
Matt Page - Contributor

Matt is an endurance nut who loves big rides and big events. Former full time racer and 24hr event specialist now happily riding off-road on gravel bikes or XC mountain bikes exploring the mountains and hills of Mid Wales.

Brad Shenton
Bradley Shenton - Brand partnership manager

Road racer turned CX and XC racer and part time off-road adventurer, Brad sits on our commercial team working with brands on a whole host of content. Early mornings, coffee, peanut butter and beer. In that order.

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Who are the readers?

Our recent reader survey (August 2021), along with our ongoing Google Analytics data allows us to build up a strong picture of the typical reader, a valuable insight into their reading habits and how they engage with their passion of off-road riding.

We know that the average age of our reader is:

- 46 years old
- Owns 3.3 bikes
- Average househould income of £61,000
- Spends and an average of £2575 on a bike
- 58% of our readers ride a hardtail
- 52% of our readers ride a gravel or adventure bike
- 42% of our readers ride a full suspension bike

Our audience are active spenders looking for advice on bikes and kit. The most popular parts of the site are reviews and buyers guides providing them with key content and information to make that next purchase.

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Social media audience

With our fast growing social media audience across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our YouTube channel we're in a strong position to push content out to a large user base across multiple platforms. Combined with the ability to share content to our sister site's – and ebiketips – social media audiences, this puts in a prime position.

Commercial Opportunities

We offer a full range of advertising, sponsorship and content opportunities across our site and social media options.

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We charge a flat rate for all formats and will optimise the campaign to ensure the best-performing formats are weighted wherever possible.

Retargeting Campaigns

We will work with you to create a list of your preferred article types and brands to target readers of such material on as they move around the web. Our clients have found this type of campaign to be particularly cost-effective with high CTRs.


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In the sidebar of newsletter which goes out to subscribers every Thursday.

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A two week data capture competition on site, including social media support.


A one week competition on site without data capture, including social media support.


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A standalone article on and, one email newsletter inclusion and social media support on Facebook and Twitter.

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Inclusion in our best deals articles which run on and our Dealclincher site, including social media support.


We can tailor either a single feature or a series of articles to enhance your brand's image. Ask us about terms for specific features.

from £1000


Ask us to quote for a standalone sponsored video. Options include drone usage, action shooting, Q&As, technical features/interviews, single bike or range promotions.



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