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eBikeTips is the go-to website for e-bike reviews and buying advice in the UK.

There's been an explosion in e-bike ownership over on the continent over the last few years, and the UK looks set for huge growth in this sector as commuters and leisure riders embrace the practicality and ease of use of modern pedelecs.

Editorial Mix

The eBikeTips editorial team is led by Dave Atkinson and, as with, will feature contributions from some of the most influential and widely respected writers in cycling.

eBikeTips will be on hand to guide consumers through this new market, with expertly-written buyer's guides and features, and in-depth reviews of the latest bikes.

Our tech content on is renowned for being independent, in-depth and knowledgeable, and we'll be bringing this rigour and integrity to this new market.

Independent Publisher

F-At (Farrelly Atkinson) Ltd is an independent publisher fuelled by enthusiasm and a true passion for cycling, not a global corporation with shareholders to satisfy. Our commitment to you is to over deliver on editorial excellence and customer satisfaction.

We firmly believe that our independent approach and distinctive voice creates a unique relationship with our readers, one from which our advertisers on currently benefit, as will e-bike advertisers from Spring 2016.

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